I didn’t grow up watching that show, I really don’t even know what it is or what it’s about.


What I do know is that growing up overseas, as a missionary kids means you have a LARGE family and everything is all in the family that you have there.

Last month marked the funeral of a great saint, Bob Myers, who went to be with the Lord and is now celebrating with our Savior. I could write an enormous post on this family, the impact they had and still have on the Kingdom, and more.

What I want to convey, is how blessed I am.

A friend recently commented about sudden death of her father: “it is so much harder to lose (and let go) of people that love YOU for who you are.” I have chewed and chewed on this. And I believe she is right.

This does not diminish the pain that comes with a loss. Not at all. But, it does magnify our need for love and when someone passes that did love us, it leaves a gaping whole. My Grandmother loved me…goodness she loved me. Her birthday would have been a few weeks ago. She celebrated it this year with the Lord. A part of me is already in Heaven, with her.

I am blessed because my “family” is huge. I grew up with “Uncle” Bob Myers (all MK’s call the adults “aunts” and “uncles”), along with many Aunts and Uncles.  The blessing about this family is that they loved me. They chose to love me. Not because they had to by birth or blood, but just downright unabashed love.

All in the family. Yes, I’ll take it! They are mine and I am loved by them.

Hallelujah. I am blessed.

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  1. Dad,

    James Gilbert, Bob Hensley, Bob Myers… the group of godly saints that served in Panama and loved all of us is growing in heaven. Wonderful thoughts, precious memories, yes, we are blessed.

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