Yes, if you were at the Vestavia Publix yesterday, it was me. My family.

Both kids crying in the store.

Most of the trip.

The both wanted to be held, which at 2 and 4, I cannot do anymore and push the cart, and shop…all at the same time.

So, here is my confession:
We were that family yesterday. I let my kids cry in the store so I could finish; and came out sweating with shoulders tensed like I had been to see the Bourne series for the first time.

My husband, upon finding all of us crying when I got home, sent me this article to let me know that I am doing fine and am not a bad mom. 🙂

I do feel like the jury is still out on that one though! ha!

P.S. Sorry if you were there yesterday. I’ll buy you a coke, or ice cream, something as recompense for hurting your ears!

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