Last night was the prayer service for our church’s missions conference, that begins next week.

There was a lot of scripture read, then time given to pray as directed or on our own. I felt like a dry, thirsty tree, soaking up the Word.

I have reflected today that I don’t “hear” the Word of God spoken very much. I hear it in my head when I read it, to a verse or two in church, etc. To hear scripture being read last night was just rich.

One of my strongest memories of my Grandmothers’ funeral was all the scripture that was read. How healing and peace-giving it was.

I wonder if that is one of the many reasons why the Bible was read aloud so much in the old testament. It doesn’t take a great orator, but hearing someone else read the Word allows me to hear it differently, anew.

Quite refreshing.

What do you prefer? hearing? reading? seeing? the Word?

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