I have stared at the computer screen, not able to put into words what I have read.

It has taken meĀ  a bit to write this post.

I am reading One Thousand Gifts with the (in)courage book club Bloom and am amazed at the body of Christ.

Moreover, I am astounded by His timing. For weeks now I have pondered the depth of pain that He allows His children to endure. Knowing and believing He has a plan and a purpose, but seemingly missing what He was telling me all along.

I, like Ann, want to rewrite the story differently.

But God.

He, He alone writes the stories of our lives and sees the before and the after that we cannot even imagine. While the first chapter is jaw droppingly transparent, it is relieving. A blessing to know that we do not wrestle with hard questions alone.

If you have time, pick it up. It will bless your day.

If you already are reading the book, what insights have you had?

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