I saw my house through different eyes last night: the eyes of a pastor from Spain who has a small church plant in the Basque region.


Two cars. Each child has their own bedroom. The laundry even has it’s own room. Gas fireplace. Dishwasher. kitchen, dining room, living room, basement. YARD.

More than most families have where he is from, and frankly from where most of the world is from. It shut my “if only we had this, ” or “if the basement were finished, then….” thoughts up in a heartbeat.

We have so much. It is not wrong to want or think those things. But, it is wrong to depend on things to satisfy and “complete” us. Only He can satisfy.

To whom much is given, much is required.

How can I use this, Lord? What can I do with it to your service? How can I be a better steward? Help me to hear your voice and use what I have well. Help my heart to be one overflowing with gratitude, not one of wishing for something else, relying on things to make us complete.

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