The slow fade.

I am pondering the consequences of sin. We’re studying 1 Kings in our Bible Study on Sundays and today talked a lot about Solomon. His father, David has just passed away and quickly following his death, the Word says that Solomon married the daughter of the Pharoah of Egypt, then went and gave sacrifices at the high places.

While neither of these two decisions seem horribly bad, they were both small compromises against what the Lord had commanded the Kings in Deuteronomy (17:16, 7:1-5, 12:1-7, 13-14). Eventually though, these two compromises led to Solomon’s demise.

It has made me think a lot about what I perceive as small compromises, but really could lead to consequences farther reaching that I can imagine. Solomon could have justified he was protecting his country, his borders, making a “wise” alliance that would aide both him and Egypt. He also could have argued that there was not a Temple in place and that everyone was going to the high places to offer sacrifices and offerings.

None of them horribly bad. Just a slow fade. God still uses Solomon in mighty ways-he rebuilds the Temple in unprecedented splendor and glory; becomes the wisest man ever recorded…still….the slow fade will not let me go.

Convicting to be sure. Still chewing on how this applies to my life, where it applies, where I need to make changes, adjustments, etc.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Pondering Sin

  1. jhowe,

    As seen in Psalm 1:

    Blessed is the man
    who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
    nor stands in the way of sinners,
    nor sits in the seat of scoffers

    See the progression? Starts with walking…then standing…then sitting.

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