A phrase I hear a lot: “I don’t have time.”

What does this really mean though? For me, it would mean: there isn’t enough hours in day, I am over-committed, not sleeping enough, not managing my time well, do not have a good priority list in my life.

What is the solution?

January is my favorite time to cut the fat off my schedule, my life, everything.

I go through my closet and peel away things I just don’t wear…things I should have given away LAST year and thought “oh….I will wear that.” (WHAT?!! seriously?!! Get real, Kristi).

I sift through a million papers that I have tucked in a cabinet to look through “later” (because my husband is the filer, and I am the piler).

I clean out my email and reorganize my folders.

Go through our pantry and make sure everything is good and up to date (well, “good” is a relative word. there is a jar of sauerkraut in the pantry, because my husband loves it. yikes.).

I pick through make up and throw away the crumbly eyeshadow that I love, but have hated to be rid of.

I am a pack rat and need a time every year (or more!!) where I trim down the extras. The  solution to this question, I believe, is really one of availability. No, I am not talking about saying yes to everything. What I am talking about is having your life 80% full, so that when the Lord presents something to you that adds on, you have some percentage (energy, time, and emotion) to actually consider it.

Many times I can’t even stop to consider what He might be asking me to do or say yes to, because so many things are banging around me (that I have chosen), that I can’t hear Him.

Take Esther: she is in another land, other religion, other food, customs. A minority and a woman. She chooses to maintain some availability so that when she is presented with potential becoming a queen, there is room in her heart and head to consider it.  “Who knows that you are here for such a time as this?”

What if He has strategically placed you somewhere-to be a friend, encourager, parent, prayer warrior, or leader, but you are too busy to notice, or “don’t have time?”

It is so much easier hear what He is calling us to when we are not over committed.

This year, I am trying to reinstate the 80/20 principle in my life. Not just trim the fat around me, in my house, schedule, etc. but in my whole life, for Him. So I have time to take dinner to a friend. Write that note that He’s been telling me to for months now. Send that email just saying hello and that you are loved. Help when help is needed.

Opportunities like these won’t stress me out, because I “don’t have time.”

What are your time secrets? What are some ways you balance everything?

2 thoughts on “I don’t have time

  1. Karlie,

    Thanks for this piece of encouragement, Kristi! I like your analysis of Esther and her availability to the Lord when He spoke to her and she listened and obeyed. May I be willing and open to Him when He speaks, as well.

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