There are many places in life where fear grips us, paralyzes us, cripples us. I have seen it in friendships, relationships, marriages, work, parenting, and more.

The interesting thing to me about Satan is that he knows it cripples and paralyzes. Stops us in our tracks. Ends the propulsion of Kingdom activity.

I was recently talking to a wise sage about fear and this is what they said:

“I can’t live in fear and worry of what will happen, what is happening, or fix any of it. I can only pray. Pray and trust that He holds all of this in His hands. His word promises He has a plan, all of this is for our good, and He will get the glory. Nothing is ever wasted by the Lord.”

Recently at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, we heard “Yours” and I was reminded that yes, it is all His. There seems to be so much going on around me: people struggling,  families going through some hard times, parents aching for their child to be healed, wives trying to eeke out a normal life while their husbands serve overseas to protect us, missionaries wondering what is next for them and their call, grandparents advocating for grandkids, women starting out again, and so much more.

I read all of this again and just take a deep breath.

Fear cannot dominate every reply, every prayer. My hope in who He is and what He is doing must be incarnate in me.  Easier said than done.

At least for me.

What do you fear? How do you combat it?

2 thoughts on “Tendrils of Fear

  1. Allison,

    Being one of those “women starting out again” there is so much that I fear. I fear never trusting again, I fear the repercussions for my children belonging to a divorced family, I fear making bad decisions out of desperation and loneliness…just to name a few 🙂
    The only way I have found to combat those fears is to continue to stand on what I know is true…that I am a beloved daughter of the King, that I am the apple of His eye, that my children are His as well and He means all things for good and for His glory. I can’t argue with Truth no matter how much my flesh screams at it. For me, just mentally reminding myself who is holding me and continuing to be honest with Him about my fears gives me peace like I’ve never known. He is so good.

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