I love community.

I have been blesseed so much this past year by viral community (blogs) and the encouragement they bring.

The Lord has provided the opportunity for me to go to Deeper Still and I am so excited. I am excited about the refreshing opportunity, being with women, the Holy Spirit…

There will be so many godly girls there that I follow that I hear their heart on a weekly basis. (@incourage @AnnVoskamp @HolleyGerth @PensieveRobin @WeareTHATfamily @Compassion @thegypsymama @LindseyNobles) I am hoping to meet them face to face, in real life this weekend. See their smiles, hear their laugh, see their eyes dance.

There is nothing like face to face community. Nothing replaces a conversation where you can see each other’s heart and soul and join the Lord together in the work He’s called you to.

Are you going to Deeper Still this weekend? let me know!

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