I have been using more cash these days instead of plastic, and it creates a lot of change. It rolls around my car, in my purse, in the dryer from my son’s pockets-he does love ‘coins.’

It has prompted me to list off the changes happening in my own life, none by themselves, but all together seem significant. So, in no particular order:

Our adopted college student will probably get her first car this week, which means I won’t be dropping her off after our date nights. Some of our best conversations have been on those return trips home. I smiled with a bittersweet grin tonight when I realized it. She’ll graduate in May and I can’t imagine where the time has gone. She’s an extension of our family, that sweet one. Not having her around will be quite a change.

Some minor repairs begin on our house this week, chimney fixed, exterior lights fixed, etc, which all mean we have been in this house a while and will be for the next few years. I’ve moved every four years (or less) all my life. To be in a house this long is quite a change.

We will most likely change cars this week to larger, new-to-us car, (used), with a third row seat option. I’ve driven my little Honda Accord for almost ten years now. It was ‘my’ first car, when we went from one car to two cars. We now have two kids, a dog, and a lot of groceries, strollers, and other sundries that travel with us.

My son will soon move to a for-real big boy bed, and out of the metal frame bed he’s in now. He’ll be four in a few months. He’s an avid talker and loves to take pictures. I still picture him in his crib. Yep, change.

My daughter is fast outgrowing her baby bed. Not sure how that happened either. She’ll be two in a few months. I still remember being pregnant with her. Time flies and so does change. She’s ready in 2T clothes.

What changes are you seeing? Going through?

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Justine,

    THis only means that we’ll have an excuse to go to Starbucks for our lovely and much needed (by me) chats!! Love you!!!

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