There are a million posts in my head regarding Catalyst that I can’t seem to shake.

Here’s the predominant one: Who I Am.

Beth Moore spoke and ended with a challenge to know who you are. I’ve been turning this over a lot in the last week, and have prayed, cried, laughed, and prayed more.

Here’s the thing.

THIS is who I am:
A child of THE King
Love to laugh
Love being a mom
Love my hair. Finally, after 32 years.
Relentlessly curious
Strong willed
Lover of people and their stories, what God’s doing in their life
Still about 10 lbs over what I should be
Love clothes and shopping, especially with my mom
Love, love my family. All of them.
Worship. My soul craves worship with the Lord.

Who I am not:
Weather watcher or news junkie
A good driver
A good dieter
Always a good ‘pray-er’ I want to talk to someone before I talk to THE One.
Consistent reading the Word unless someone holds me accountable

I’m learning to be more comfy in this skin I’m in. As I try to teach my kids to be who they are, to love what God has created them to be, I’ve realized I can’t teach that, if I don’t believe it myself.

Who are you? And who aren’t you?

6 thoughts on “Who I am and who I am not #cat10

  1. Dad,

    You forgot somethings; let me add a few of who you are…
    —a wonderful daughter who is a joy to her parents…
    —an encourager to her father as he watches you on your journey of knowing and obeying Christ
    —a great momma, following in the footsteps of one mother whom I admire and love!

  2. Karlie (Schwan) Garcia,

    I appreciate your honesty and openness. As a leader, God is going to use that in you to encourage others in their walk with him. I also am not the best at reading the Word consistently and the Lord has been convicting me of this lately.

    I’ll enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Comment author Kristi Griem,

    Thanks friend!! I didn’t know you blogged! Can’t wait to read and add it to my reader.
    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂
    Love ya!

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