I’ve long held that you don’t know what you have…until you don’t have it.

Toilet paper in the bathroom. I’m hardly grateful when it is there, full roll. Quickly ungrateful when it isn’t there, immediately unhappy.

Same for paper towels in the bathroom. You hardly notice they are there when you are drying your hands…until they aren’t there. Argh.

Abundance is around me all the time, but I take it for granted and don’t seem to thank the Father, even though I am quick to point out when He hasn’t provided something, or something is missing (I think) that should be there.

Then there’s the opposite: too many leaves in the yard

Too much laundry, too many dishes, too many, too many.


That is the world I really live in though.

So many clothes, I have enough to fill a washing machine.

So many dishes, they overflow two BOTH my sinks. Yes, a dual sink.

Two bathrooms, both with running water.

Running water…all throughout the house.

Screaming kids…healthy, running, active, wonderful kids.

Nothing to watch on TV? Oh, but at least we HAVE a tv.

Dusting the house? mopping the floor? I have a house to live in. Extravagance.

I am just thanking the Lord for the extravagance.

There is so much to be grateful for.

2 thoughts on “Extravagance and the Bathroom

  1. Ann,

    Oh how I love your heart! The same things showered my heart and mind on Monday, and I have spent this week trying to be so much more grateful!

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