In the lineup that day for Catalyst was Beth Moore….one of God’s megaphone’s. She talked about security and insecurity in leadership.

Based on Proverbs 3:26 that the “Lord is your security” and He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap. Two of the largest challenges for us are fear and insecurity, gripping us, paralyzing us from being used in the Kingdom from our work, families, friends, and more.

One thing that spoke to me was a section where she talked about knowing who you are…and who you are not. I began to think about that on the way home yesterday. I had almost three hours by myself to think, process, pray, worship….it was rich.

I found myself re-evaluating who I am (both my perception, then what the Lord sees) and then what I am not, whether I want to admit it, or not. It was a great exercise in reminding myself of who I am in Christ and how my value comes from Him and no one or nothing else. So this was my short list:

Who I am:

A child of the King

Lover and respecter of my husband

In love with my family. Real love. They are great. It makes me smile just thinking about them.

Passionate about ending human trafficking and exploitation, specifically for women and children.

Love to laugh.

Who I am not:

Not type A

Not the best dressed, super stylin’, many purses and shoes

Not a size 4…and that is ok.

Not quiet or introverted.

That is the short list. There is a long list, but for today, that is between the Lord and me J. What is your short list of who you are and who you are not?

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