Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner came together over ten years ago to create an unprecedented leadership experience: Catalyst. It is like nothing I have ever been to, experienced, or seen.

Absolutely amazing.

Andy Stanley spoke first, opening the event after some rich worship time. The worship alone was balm to this little soul. I kept hearing people say that the whole event was like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. It was either God’s grace or I was just an overly dry sponge, soaking it all in, but I did my best not to leave anything there.

Andy started off with Genesis 25, where Esau sells his birth right to Jacob…

for a bowl of stew.

One of the main points was that we are seemingly willing to give away anything, for “more.” We always want more, are looking for more, working for more, and just want….more. It is like an unstatiated appetite. We eat a fantastic steak…then an hour later, want MORE of something else.

What spoke to me about everything Andy said was that we do, at some point, tend to arrive at a cross roads in every season or area of life, where we want satisfaction, even at the cost of giving away a sacred possession. He would give his future, respect, worth, and more all for a meal. As Andy said “what if someone had looked at Esau and said: Later, in Exodus, this man Moses is going to talk to your descendants and could ask them to follow the faith of Abraham, Isaac….and Esau. Later still, in Matthew, this man will talk about the descendants of the Messiah and could list them with Abraham, Isaac, and Esau. Think about what you are giving away (power, money, blessing), for a bowl of stew.”

But Esau did….and so do we.

“What is true of Esau is true of you: you have no idea what God wants to accomplish through YOU. Through your children…community…church….grandchildren. Ten years from now what do you want your life to be about? What legacy do you want to leave? A legacy of the bowl of stew you silently gave way….for something else? What do you want your kids to look back and see you for? Your great grand kids? What will they know of you? What will be told of you? Had Esau really considered the legacy and descendants he was giving away for a bowl of stew, he might have walked away.

“Don’t trade your future for a bowl.”

What is the Lord asking you to walk away from? What is He telling you to turn from that will never satisfy?

What is your bowl of stew?