Have you ever had broken relationships? Ones that seemed beyond repair? I read this excellent post from Proverbs 31 Ministries that really challenged me about broken relationships and the key to making sure they don’t own you.

I have long thought that broken relationships are like a crack in the windshield or crack in cement. At first it is just a dot. A rock hit your windshield puts a star of broken glass for all to see. It hurt initially, but over time you thought it would not be a big deal. You could just leave it be. However, if left untreated, the crack slowly creeps across the windshield, or through the cement, making a crooked line that forever marks your view or your path.

Broken relationships are very similar. Left untreated, it begins to crack all of you.

The part of what this post said that spoke to me was the challenge to really let your self grieve over the relationship. I am sure people have told me that before, but thinking about the space in my heart to grieve really naturally lends itself to forgiveness.

It was encouraging and gave me some insight into the depth of forgiveness and how complicated it is. There is so much freedom in a “clean” slate or new windshield, fresh cement path.

What have you learned about broken relationships?

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