It has just been a full day.

I am overwhelmed in two ways:
1. By the amount of prayer requests, concerns, challenges, etc. that have floated around today.
2. By His mercy and compassion for each of those who have concerns, challenges, and requests.

As the day wore on, I felt like my list to the Lord grew longer by the minute. We’re reading The Hole in our Gospel right now at Bible Study and church and it has grounded me today, giving me perspective and gratitude. ‘Greater is HE that is in YOU,’ because HE is here. With you. Cheering you on, reminding others to pray for you. Nudging friends to check on you, and most of all, quietly whispering His love to you.

Some of what I’ve prayed today: help me to know how to teach my children to share and better parent, provide a new friend for my son, since his most frequent and ‘best’ friend recently moved to another school, give peace to my friend, give wisdom to my husband, give wisdom to ME!, gird up my parents with rest and mercy…and much more.

What challenges are running through your life that you are praying for or need prayer for?

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