I’ve been convicted as I’ve caught up on some blog reading at www.lindseynobles.com.
There is a whole series based on an incredible song about how much He loves us. (Click here to watch the whole video)
My conviction? The idols and things I place before Him. Which, I confess…is everything right now.
I am more obsessed about my husband spending time with our kids, than I am with spending time with Him.
More obsessed with our finances and where they go, than Whom they’ve come from to begin with.
More engrossed in fiction than the Truth.
More passionate about the work I do, than the One who made and gave the passion to me.
More inclined to look at my weight, than to see the beauty He has created, for 32 years now.
More concerned about my children understanding Jesus, than leading by example.
He is jealous FOR me. For my heart. All of me, nothing else before Him.
I can’t say that I have ever really pondered that in this way, that He is jealous for me.
As I chew on it now, I’m grossly aware, I come up short…super short. I feel like a toothpick next to the Alaskan pipeline.
Even still, He loves me. Oh, how He loves me…oh how He loves me. It leaves me broken, wanting more of Him and less of me.

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