I have long held that one of our biggest needs as people is to be understood. The need to be heard, accepted, liked, listened to, etc.
I love discussion (imagine!!) and am intrigued when someone disagrees with me, because it makes me think. But more than anything, I want to be understood.
My biggest marriage ‘discussions’ are typically because one of us feels we aren’t being understood.
The finest friendships in the world are built off of a complex and intricate understanding of the other.
Someone I finally met face to face on my trip to India, who gets this need is one of my favorite people in the world, Annie from Freeset. She is a delight that I know the Lord looks down on and just smiles. Maybe even laughs a jolly laugh just watching her honor Him. What a joy to be the Father!
Annie is gifted in more ways than I can even name, yet the gift that I saw in action and want to be better at is understanding. She just understands people. My hunch is, she understands them, because she understands the heart of her Maker, and it’s easier to understand the heart of the creation when you understand the character with which they’re modeled from. We are made in His image (Gen 1).
I see His image in Annie, as she tends to children who’ve got scrapes, cuts, and more (she’s the community nurse), loves on women who have had the courage to leave the line and work for Freeset (develops, trains, and works with the women), talks to women year after year about leaving the line and the nightmare they’re in, is the mother of four wonderful children of her own, maintains a Prov 31 marriage and home; and all with a gleaming smile, like she has some secret she cannot wait to tell you over the most incredible coffee you’ll ever have.
Annie sees the biggest need and knows it is not filled with things, money, or ‘more,’ but with time and relationships. To be understood. That is our biggest need.
He understands us, He created us.
He understands us, He sifts our circumstances through His hands.
He understands us, He died on the cross…for us, for me.
Annie’s secret isn’t really a secret at all: it’s Him. She points to Him because she knows He understands.
On this side of Heaven though, I’m grateful for her and her friendship. She is amazing. I’m honored to know her and work some beside her.

Who is someone that understands you?

3 thoughts on “Biggest Need

  1. Ann,

    Yesterday God engineered a spontaneous (to us) visit with Tim & Nancy (Day) Harrell during our quick trip to OBU. Nancy and I had not see each other in about seven years, but we might as well have seen each other yesterday. That’s how easily we fell into our visit. And it was a visit we both needed – and as I think about it, I believe it comes back to this very thought. We understand each other. You expressed this so perfectly!

  2. Lizbeth Agoro,

    Thanks this made for intresting reading. I adore your wordpress theme, i keep coming back here and i dont know why. I just really like your site lol… I just now read something simular to this on That Are i believe they might of stolen your blog?

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