Totally enthralled as I watched Becoming Jane again tonight, two things hit me during the movie. 1: Relationships and the communication therein begin full of transparency, passion, and honesty.

The movie centers on Jane Austen’s first love. I was so struck how honest and transparent they were with each other, even when it was hard. I’m not sure what happens, but somewhere along our journey, we pull away from honesty and transparency with those we love. Not just spouses, but family, friends, maybe more.

I’m not sure why that is. Maybe time and experience harden us to be less transparent. I suppose it costs less, on many levels.

There was something I intriguing about that fresh honesty that left me wanting that for all my (kinds) of relationships now.

I hugged a friend today that is battling cancer who is just excited to be able to celebrate another birthday recently. Looking at her, she is beautiful, stunning, and glorious with the Jesus that shines through her. I suspect she has no problem being transparent and honest in her relationships anymore.

Is it so much a risk? What keeps us from this? Why hinder and spoil precious time we have with anyone we love, simply to be respectfully silent? Do we not owe them the respect and honor of honesty and transparency?

Many times, I do not. My mind scrolls through friends, family, etc and I sigh…it is easier to smile and agree and say little. But, not always the right thing to do.

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