Dreams. We all have them. Dreams of what we want to be when we grow up, dreams of what marriage and family will look like.
I’ve been thinking about Joseph in the OT and how the Lord spoke to him about his future through dreams. But I wonder if those dreams God revealed were what Joseph himself dreamt to do.
Or the Isrealites upon leaving Egypt. All the years they dreamt of being free from slavery and leaving Egypt. I bet they never dreamed they’d beg to go back! Was the promised land what they had dreamed about? That first generation of Isrealites that left Egypt never knew. They never saw it for all their disobedience.
Or Jonah. What were his dreams? Certainly not to go and tell the Ninevites about the Lord. Why would He want to save them anyway?
I’ve just been pondering dreams and those in the Bible that likely had expectations of what they would do with their life, or accomplish for the Kingdom. So many lessons to be learned from them.
What are your dreams?

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