Have you ever looked at someone you loved while they were sleeping?
I peeked in on my kids tonight before I tucked into bed. People (especially kids), no matter their age seem to be more sweet-even angelic when sleeping. It tugs at your heart and reminds us that there is peace, even if at the end of the day.

God must look at us tenderly like that. He must wonder why we disobey, why we don’t trust Him…so many things. I know He loves us and looks at us with such compassion and mercy.

I don’t deserve the love I get, the mercy and salvation He gives. What I do know is we are called to give the same. Hard for me to do on a day to day basis though.

A good challenge for me. Anyone you love to look at while they’re sleeping?

One thought on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. Olivia,

    Hey, girl! I love your thoughts. I look at you and my Sarah and see so much the reflection of Jesus. You two are my inspiration. I don’t believe I know two young women more loving and dedicated to the Lord. I’m put to shame that my younger years weren’t more reflective of Jesus Christ! Your children will rise up and call you blessed for you invest your every bit of energy to them to be sure they know the Lord.

    I won’t be on here on Monday since we are moving that day, but know I’ll be wishing you happy birthday! I hope it is a glorious day for you! ow

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