Laundry is a part of everyday life, no matter what your status is (college, single, married, children, etc). The stage I’m in right now means I am blessed to do a lot of laundry (which means we have multiple clothes, ptl!) and that Buzz Lightyear guards the clean laundry.

My family is such a joy. We went swimming today and my daughter kept crawling on the diving board just to play peek-a-boo with my husband. My son begged my husband to keep cannon-balling off the diving board (to which he complied!), and it brought laughs and giggles to them both.

We are in a challenging phase: two kids (3 and 1), my husband travels a lot, and all our family lives out of state. But Buzz guards our clean laundry, the Lord’s provided more extended family than we can name (wow! Ptl!) and we have. roof over our heads.

My birthday is soon and I have been musing a lot about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. I’ll be 32 in few days and while I feel old (ha!) I have been reminded this year of some great things age does bring: wisdom (maybe), laugh lines, sagging :), perspective, and more passion for the Lord and things of Him.

I wish Buzz could guard more than laundry, but for now, I’m thrilled that he’s here for a little while. Something else will relace him, the clothes will get bigger, and the footsteps won’t sound like pitter-patter.

My family is such a joy. Thank you Lord!

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