Some days, I just miss my grandmother. Ruby Nell Randquist. She was godly, full of life, loved to laugh, and loved me.
She went to be with the Lord November a year ago. My Lizzie never got to meet her. (I feel) my grandfather just watches her every move when we get to visit, as if looking at Lizzie through Grandma’s eyes.
A good friend is going thru her first breakup. It reminded me of my grandmother, for some reason. I’m not sure we were in the same city when I went thru my first heartbreak, but I know that she said everything right, affirmed me, and loved me, even when I felt the world was crumbling.
I’ve always wanted to leave a faithful heritage and legacy. My grandmother did leave both, in full force: my mother and (prayerfully) me. She prayed like no other woman prayed. Even tho Lizzie never got to meet her, I’ve had the sense Grandma already knew her, she’d been praying for her, before she was born.
My mom (and dad) pray like that now. Where would my family be without their prayers? Mighty Lord, thank you!
One of my favorite things about my grandmother that I miss the most is that I could sit in her lap-no matter how old I was. I thought today that that’s what my friend needed-a good cry and some time in Grandma’s lap. She couldn’t fix everything, but she sure loved you through it.
I want to be like that-available, godly, and compassionate to love, even when the recipient might seem too old. I’m sure Jesus held many a child in His lap, and longed to hold even more of His adult children, just so they would know He was there. ‘Come to me, all you who are weary, heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ surely He will allow us-at any age-to climb into His lap, be reminded of who He is and who we are in Him. I pray that for my friend today and I pray that for others. His arms are open wide, just like Grandma’s were. Not sure what holds us back, or keeps us from running at breakneck speed, because given the chance…I’d run the fastest sprint yet. Heaven’s waiting and I can’t wait to sit in her lap and hear her laugh, all while we worship the King!

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  1. Dad,

    I miss her as well. I praise God that godly character lives on as a legacy that Levi and Lizzie will be able to have for all their lives!

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