Patience: something I still clearly lack. In mere days while I was in India my 3 yo son learned the word “why” (or just began using it more!).
I have felt I was a moderately patient person, patient parent, until ten days ago when I returned from India to more questions and “why”s than I ever thought imagineable! Today I feel as if the questions are shooting out like an automatic baseball pitcher.
While I can’t believe that I (currently) question the Lord with the frequency my son does, it has made me stop and wonder if the Lord ever just gets tired of all my questions.
(Yes, I’m pretty sure I am not questioning Him at the same rate, since I can’t even complete a thought for the barrage of “why”s from my son right now, ha!)
The Word says He is patient and slow to anger. Wow do I admire that right now. I confess I got annoyed and angry and just finally asked for no more questions. (Which was quickly followed with “but why, Mommy?”.) 🙂
I am so grateful for the Lord’s patience with me and my questions, complaints, and prayers that must seem like a barrage. At this season of my life, I am understanding why it is important to listen to the answer. Sometimes I am so caught up with asking, that I don’t listen for an answer.
I have so much to learn! ‘And a child shall lead them…’

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