What to see where it started? First Calcutta Post

The day began early, we had to be at the main house of the Mother Teresa centers at 7:00 am. After a simple breaksfast and instructions, we were off on a long walk to Prema Dan, a center for the death and dying.
We helped with the laundry (which was more laundry than I’d ever seen in my life!) then began either clipping the patients nails, or painting them. The floor I was on was mainly older women. They looked 80+ to me, but many were 40-50 years old. They were so thrilled to have their nails painted, you could tell they felt so beautiful.  (One even wanted to paint my nails!)

We had the opportunity to help with lunch, many could not feed themselves, so many were feeble or mentally disabled. A nun came and asked me to feed a mentally disabled lady and my insides thought “I’m just not sure I can do this, Lord!” as I fed her, I realized that if no one fed her, she wouldn’t eat. She never got to choose what she wanted to eat first on her plate, didn’t get a say in when she got a drink; it was all dependent on me and my care of her. She was so patient with me, as we learned a rythym together. I was humbled by her response, as limited as it was. She smiled as best she could, and it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen.
We helped change the patients and get them to bed for a nap, then finished the dishes and went home. The most beautiful picture of the day was our team member, Marla. She sat on a bed next to a young girl and just sang to her, stroked her hair, and massaged her limbs. The love and compassion that radiated out of her was just stunning. Jesus with skin on. That’s what I’ll rememeber this morning. “For whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for me.”

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    I know! Tears just streamed down my face as I looked at her. I know without a doubt that that is how He looks at us, His children!

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