We’ve spent an hour and a half walking the line, the numbers doubling every thirty minutes. As we headed home, it was so crowded, it took winding through huddles and groups of people a slow going process to get through.
The Freeset girls headed home and westerners hailed a taxi and made our way back to our lodging. I asked what we could do? how we could help? What did they need?
The reply was simple: what can we do? buy Freeset bags. How can we help? Buy Freeset bags. You see, the more bags that are purchased, the more women Freeset can hire.
The reply that still sticks with me, haunts me really, is this: “what do you need?”
“10,000 more women at Freeset.”
Not more support money for what Freeset does, or a new computer, a nicer home, a car.
But 10,000 women, freed from the sex trade.
Folks, that is Jesus with skin on.

see where it all started: Calcutta Post 1

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