We’ve been home almost a week and while my body is mostly in sync, my heart is not.

I left part of my heart in India. At Freeset, on the street, with children, with Annie having coffee, seeing Heather’s smile, and hundreds of others with no smile at all.

I look at my children, their abandon…and my heart overflows with gratitude. To whom much is given, much is required. I’m not totally sure what all He has required of me yet, regarding what my response to this life changing trip should be.

I just know that despite all the things I heard and saw, He is good and the victory is won. I know that the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. I know that there is one woman tonight, wondering when her day of freedom is coming.

Over the last few days I have made countless decisions, choices, and driven myself to-fro as I please. The thing about freedom is: you don’t value it unless you no longer have it.

The women of Sonahacchi have been trafficked, stolen, sold, or traded-all not of their choosing. Freeset does empowerment training for the women employed by Freeset, helping them understand what rights they have as humans, what it means to have choice, how to read and write-sign their name to their own paycheck for the first time.

You might ask ‘why aren’t thousands of women lining up to work at Freeset?’ they don’t know they have a choice. They can make a choice to leave the line, work with dignity, pay loan sharks, madam’s…whoever feels might ‘own’ them. But someone has to tell them they have a choice.
I walked the line a week ago in India, while freed Freeset women themselves talked to girls explaining that they have a choice. Explaining what it is to work with dignity, honor, and hold your head up high.

I can’t begin to imagine what ‘learning’ freedom and choice must be like. My freedom and it’s value is something I think about a lot more these days. The faces of precious women, their smiles-or those still learning how to smile-are burned in my heart and mind.

Yes, I left part of my heart in India. But the Lord has filled my heart to overflowing with so much more.

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4 thoughts on “Kolkata: post seven

  1. Kathy Steele,

    His love never leaves us the same. That is the greatest risk of stepping out and loving another…the depth of sharing the pain of another is most threatening to us…we just don’t like to experience pain (neither physical or emotional). In sharing and feeling their pain, you have allowed more of Him to invade and control your heart and mind! That, in turn, heightens your awareness of the richness of His love in your own life. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

  2. Comment author admin,

    Hey girl, I don’t know if I replied, so sorry! I have seen Born into Brothels-amazing. Totally secular, but burns with a need for the gospel truth. Thanks for reading! Sure love you 🙂

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