It was horrific.
Two nights ago I “walked the line.” What this means in the Freeset district, is that you walk the streets where women are standing in line to be sold in the sex trade. 20,000 men are serviced a day here. Read that sentence again.
I went out with two Freeset women (who are no longer in the sex trade, are free and work for Freeset) and walked the line.
It was horrific.
Girls of all age, lined up, sometimes two-three deep, all for one purpose: the sex trade. Wall to wall people, rats scampering all around, garbage, and filfth. Eyes that are empty that bore through your soul.
The Freeset women stopped and talked to a dozen or so girls about coming out of the trade. Two came the next day, wanting a job at Freeset. Many of the women were interested in my white face and wanted to shake my hand and talk to me. I was happy to stop and let the Freeset girls talk! My Bengali is not as good as it could be 🙂
On the way a funeral procession passed by. Half way on our walk a demonstration about the upcoming elections came through. All the while, women were bought and sold.
We passed a building that had no one near it. It was ghostly still and quiet.

(got to run, stay tuned for tomorrow)

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  1. Alison,

    His eye is on the Sparrow…and I know he watches over *all those women and the 20,000 men, too*

    Lifting you up. Lifting India up.

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