The outside of the building was desolate and still. This area was unique: all the girls sold here are too young (16 and under) to be in line. So, they are locked in rooms and customers taken to them. I wanted to vomit. Where was the Lord in all of this? I was about to see.

We next stopped in front of a busy street, full of women in line, men purchasing women, mere feet away. We entered the building and wound our way up to the third floor where a Freeset girl lived that I had been praying for. She was so excited to see us and quickly made tea and offered a snack. Her house was a cot, with four walls tightly surrounding it. She proudly showed us her home, pictures of her family, and her two boys. She is a light in a dark place, with her amazing faith shining like a beacon. We chatted about family, life, and faith. We said our goodbyes and moved on. More pockets of light began to appear: the Fresst director would stand on the street, call out someone’s name, and a smiling face would appear at the door, or a window, sometimes accompanied by their children. All Freeset girls, tucked inside, not in line, waving and smiling their hellos.
Next we met a girl that now works for a business similar to Freeset. She is a believer, but as she approached us to say hello, I could see Christ from a distance. Her smile lit up the area we chatted in. Her husband recently passed away from kidney failure and she’s been left with children and responsibilities to care for. Jesus just beams out of her. The Freeset director explains that I am one of their distributors in the US and she immediately prattles in Bengali. She is thanking me. Thanking me for the freedom it brings, the people it helps. We hug for a whiLe and I am speechless by her love and appreciation. We say goodbye and continue on. I walk humbled by her loss and the joy she shows. She chooses to follow and have joy, despite bleak circumstances. What a lesson I began to learn.

(continued tomorrow)

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