“I want to walk,” said my three year old son. He no longer wants to be carried to bed, or held before bed, he just wants to walk on his own-because he can.
Several pictures went through my head as we made our way down the hallway to get tucked in for the night.
How many times have I told the Lord “I just want to walk” on my own? Or how many times have I told Him “I just want to walk” and not run anymore…I’m not cut out for this.
Or even the more lofty thought: “I want to walk” worthy of YOU Lord.
My son’s desire for independence is a good thing, especially channeled in the right direction. As we grow older though, our independence should mold back to dependence on the Lord.
I am not great at dependence on Him always. I want to talk with someone else, get other’s opinions, mull that over…then maybe look to the Lord and depend on Him.
I recently walked through a time where I had to depend on Him a lot. I wanted to check with others-my mom, friends, etc to see how I was doing. So clearly on Sunday morning, He reminded me that He called me, I answered to Him, and that ultimately, what others thought, said, or counseled mattered not in my value/self worth. He has called me and knows my name. At the end of the day, all that matters is if I was obedient to Him.
“I want to walk” with Him, hearing His voice, leaning into Him when I am just not sure, or my footing isn’t secure.
I learn a lot about parenting (daily!) but last night, I was reminded that “a child shall lead them.”

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