I hugged my kids tight tonight before I tucked them in, this my last night before I leave for Calcutta, India for 10 days. I have spent the week memorizing their faces, smelling their sweet skin, and doing my best to encapsulate the sounds of their voices, laughs, and squeels of glee.
My heart clutches inside as I think about being away, wondering if my heart can really take all I’m about to see, hear, smell, and experience.
I have pondered all day how much more the Lord gazes at us with such intense love. How He treasures each one of us, willing us to understand the capacity of His love and grace.
I feel the spirit of His presence like a heavy covering over my spirit and I know that whether I think I am ready for what lies ahead, He is already there, lighting the way.
So, the night before, I find myself grateful for our abundance, loads of laundry, full pantry, clean water, home insurance, car insurance, and freedom to praise the One who gazes at His child, clinging to Him with all my might.

6 thoughts on “The night before

  1. Mitzi,

    God is going to do amazing things through your group. Looking forward to following your journey and watching God work.
    What a beautiful legacy you are giving to your children through your service “to the least of these”.

  2. Sue Anne,

    Kristi, thank you for sharing. I am praying for you gals. This will be an amazing trip in so many ways. We love you all!

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