A good friend recently made the decision to stop working and stay at home with her kids. I fully support her and am thrilled with all He is doing in and through her.
Her obedience has fostered a lot of conversation about listening to the Lord and obeying Him when He calls us to do something.
Obedience is something we often think pertains to us and our circumstance, that it doesn’t affect anyone else. I believe Moses felt that way, that whether he obeyed God or not was his business. You see it initially when he kills the Egyptian that was abusing a Hebrew slave (Exodus 2:11-15), throughout his leading the Israelites to the promised land, and even at the end, where he forfeits his opprtunity to finish what he started (Numbers 20:10-12). Moses (as do I) must have thought that his obedience really did only affect him. Moses’ disobedience cost Aaron the chance to see the promised land. I too often believe that whether I obey or not, only affects me.
My friend’s decision and obedience has inspired, challenged, and moved many. I can only imagine what lesson the Israelites took away that day when they realized Moses would not be able to complete the mission he began.
I am challenged constantly by OT stories of obedience (or not!) and how families, communities, and many times generations were impacted. How important is obedience? Does it only affect you?

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