In about two weeks I depart on a trip that I am certain will change my life. After three years of staying in the US (two kids 3yo and 1yo) I am heading to Calcutta (Kolkata), India with 8 other incredible women. I am a minister’s wife and my husband travels a lot, but this month, we are reversing: I’m going overseas and he’s staying home with the kids.
Our team of women will be working with Freeset, a ministry that helps women out of prostitution. 20,000 women line the streets on the red light district a DAY in Kolkata, all there not of their choosing. Someone has sold them, traded them, trafficked them, or tricked them into the sex trade. Freeset provides a way out, training women in sewing and screenprinting skills, paying them fair wage so they no longer have to sell their bodies. Freedom.
We will sit and work with these ladies, listen to their stories, help renovate their ‘new’ facility (100+ yo!) and also work a day at one of the Mother Theresa Centers.
I am not sure what to expect, but one thing I am sure of: my heart will not return in the condition it left in. I will hold my children longer, respect my husband more for what a great man be is, and passionately pursue the God of justice that I serve for those that have no voice, the least of these.
We leave April 29 and return May 8. If you would like to follow this journey, pray, and recieve updates, subscribe to the RSS feed at the right.
He has come that all might know Him. May His light shine through me as a ray of hope to those who have never known it.

7 thoughts on “India bound

  1. Pattie,

    Oh my goodness, you are brave. I know God will bless you all as you go. (I’m a former PW too so I totally get that it’s HIS turn to stay home while you go out on mission!)

  2. Comment author admin,

    You made me lol! Yes, you totally get it AND know how to pray! I don’t feel so brave, just obedient! I know this trip will crush my heart and bend me toward the Lord-which is not painless!
    Thanks for following and praying!

  3. Julie@JulieChats,

    What an amazing thing you’re about to do! I’ll definitely keep you, the others traveling with you and the women you will help in my prayers.

    Thank you for stopping by & visiting my blog for UBP10! I’m glad you found me so I could find you! I love the layout of your blog! Stop back by when you get a chance and check out my new mini album project.

    So many good wishes for your safe travel.

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