I hardly ever use my earphones that came with my iPod because they hurt my ears, causing a listening experience to suddenly NOT be enjoyable.

Enter in my friend Ashley who recommended some great earphones that “I am obssessed with” as she says and absolutely love. Need comfy earphones? These Coby Jammerz are for you. I got them on Amazon and am in love.

Music, podcasts, all are enjoyable and a pleasure to listen to. I guess it is a shameless plug, but I am so excited to have good earphones that have quality sound and fit, that I am bursting with joy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “If your earphones hurt, meet my new friend: Coby

  1. Ann Hibbard,

    Okay, so are these made to fit smaller ears? That’s always my problem – ear buds will not fit in my ears! If these work, then I’ll be thrilled as well!

  2. Comment author admin,

    Yes! They come with two rubber ‘plugs’ one small and one large. Love them! Highly recommend them!

  3. Lana,

    Stopping by from UBP and was thrilled to read this post. I have the SAME problems with ear buds. I’d be thrilled if these work for me. 🙂 I’ll definitely check them out!

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