Have you been blessed to witness growth? I mean real, spiritual growth? I have been blessed to see God move and mature lives, spiritual walks, and families.

What an amazing thing to witness: pruning, budding, blooming, then blossoming into more of what God has called them to be.

The blessing I have had has been like an insider’s view, fly on the wall, covert witness, to major changes in maturity, faith walk, and the Lord making over His children to mirror Himself. Over the years as some have grown, bloomed, and then become whole flowering bushes or trees, I am reminded that the Lord is the author of all change. If He calls us to act as catalysts in other’s life for His change, that is not a responsibility to take lightly. With great privilege comes great responsibility. More on this part later.

I often feel like I see these sweet children of the King through the lens of a camera, wanting to capture and memorize every smile, change in heart, passionate voice, excited action, all for Him. The thing about this lens is that you are on the outside, looking in, focusing on one picture of grace. In this picture, you are able to see the challenges (pruning), grace (rain), and growth (blossoming) that the Lord allows His children to go through. It is inspiring, gut wrenching, and wonderfully fulfilling, all at the same time.

Today, I felt humbled, scrolling through the images in my mind of the changes in His children that He has allowed me to witness. I pray that I have been a positive catalyst in some and represented Him well. More than anything, I pray that He continues to allow me to see Him working through this lens that captures grace, redemption, and salvation all in a way that only the lens can.

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