Stepping out in faith. Following through in what He’s called us to. Obeying even when it seems crazy.

This is the journey I am on. Aren’t we all? All my studies on obedience, faith, and how He does not waste any experience(s). All of these lessons that are being pounded in my heart and head are coming into focus as something He has planned.
I remember shortly after college Jeff Lewis preaching and asking us “You want to know what He’s calling you to? You want to know what your passion is? It’s what makes your heart beat fast.” It’s what make you smile just thinking about working in Kingdom capacity.

Thinking about where the Lord is taking me makes my heart beat fast. Makes me smile. For the moment, He’s calling me to India for a mission trip. I leave in just a few weeks with a handful of other women. I am nervous, excited, and just downright busting at this chance of obedience.
More to come, I’m sure…as I step out and follow Him.
What about you?

One thought on “What is He calling you to?

  1. Ann,

    How exciting! I know that fast heart beat feeling – I’m experiencing it, too. Praying for you!

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