“So, he got me a fully loaded desktop this weekend. I love it and it will be great for all the ministry ideas we’ve talked about,” said my friend, casually last week. My first thought was “a new computer? Who can afford a new computer?” Then I realized the real source: jealousy.
I don’t even like to write it. I’m 31, shouldn’t I be over that now? The war in my heart was two fold: how nice it would be to just have the financial freedom to go out and “just get” a new computer, and how freeing it would be to just have what you want, when you want it. Of course, none of those thoughts are in congruence with the heart of God and what He commands us to.
My Bible study group is reading through the Bible this year, chronologically. We just went through Exodus and Leviticus, where the Lord gives Moses the ten commanents, and other laws, by which His chosen are to follow.
Jealousy reared it’s ugly head mere days after reading about
‘not coveting’ what your neighbor has. Ouch.
What the Isrealites didn’t seem to get, I didn’t either. Jealousy only pushes your focus away from God, coveting makes you obsess over something other than God, and keeping up with the Jones’s means I might be missing other opportunities to bless, because I was trying to keep up/get ahead.
I saw The Blindside this weekend, and felt Blindsided myself. What abundance I have been given! How many blessings has He given me? More than I can tell or recount.
So today, a fresh start. No guarantees for tomorrow, but for today, Lord I commit my ways, blessings, and abundance to you. Help me to be a worthy steward of all you’ve given and provided.

One thought on “Jealousy and the Jones’s

  1. Jen @ Jewel of the Prairie,

    I found your blog from the blog party – I really appreciate what you’ve shared in this post. I am also often tempted towards jealousy and covetousness, and at the very least, materialism. Oh how humbling it is to be face with a Lord who only desires us to be devoted to Him, and not to “things”. We’ve been blessed in so many ways, and I needed this reminder to thank God for all that has been given me.

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