What do Grey’s Anatomy, raising children, birth order, sex before marriage, and Desparate Housewives all have in common?
They were the topic of conversation tonight with our adopted college student. She is a junior now and is faced with many friends who now feel it is ok to sleep over at a boyfriend’s house, watch TV shows incessantly, give yourself away to as many as possible, and plan your future wedding all at the same time.
How did they get there? Is it birth order? How you were raised? What your parents were like? Or just plain old sin nature?
The bulk of our discussion revolved around where rebellion comes from and why some have a stronger desire to rebel more than others.
The base is sin nature, to be sure. But the factors that make one chance everything, sow your wild oats, whatever…whew. No real answers for that.
Is it that we are surrounded by shows that tell us it’s ok? Or by people that tell us it’s acceptable? Or music that makes us fade into tolerance? The song “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns comes to mind. I think all moral and ethical degeneration is a slow fading into acceptace and belief that whatever you want to do or excuse yourself of, is ok. We sure don’t wake up one morning desiring to go against the nature of God.
The hard questions I have are: how do raise your children to understand there are consequences for sin- usually past you or your generation? How do you teach them to be advocates for those that have no voice or human rights? How do you instill in them the desire to honor God, even when it is hard, or not popular? The Bible covers all of this, but my musings are of the day to day. How do we do this day to day. The Old Testament says repeatedly to tell the stories of God to their children, pass on the miracles He afforded them, write scripture in their hearts and on their foreheads. Perhaps this is the day in, day out.
Still mulling it all over in my head. Any comments welcome!

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