I tend to view myself as someone that rolls with change well. The older I get, the less I am comfortable with change, though. Life is about changes and parenting really highlights that fact. We get into a groove with our kids, then things change. They move into a different stage, grade, age, etc.

A beautifully displayed sunset tonight reminded me of the Lord’s character regarding change. Everything about all His creations requires change. There is never a sunset that is the same, a sky the same, rain, snow, flowers, animals, all are different and change. The world He has created is in a state of death and rebirth consistently. Ecclesiastes addresses that there is a season for everything.

Why then, does it surprise me when change comes? It is a part of the character and nature of God; and how He has created each of us. The thought made me smile today as I reconciled that change is a part of who He is, and ultimately, a part of my conformation to Him and His character.

May every sunset and sunrise remind me that He controls all the change and makes them beautiful for His glory.

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