A favorite past time of my 11 month old daughter is running around in a walker. Where we live, there are mostly hills, so almost all houses are cut into hills. Our driveway is steep and veers down. As our daughter “runs” after our dog and son, I am alongside her, nudging her up the hill of our driveway. Roll, nudge. Roll, nudge.

This must be how the Lord feels. We want to go our own way, yet we are so excited to be running, we aren’t paying attention to where we are headed, we are just thrilled to be going somewhere-fast! Instead of trusting His direction, I run aimlessly until He has to nudge me back on track.

As I read through the Bible again this year, I am reminded of all those that came before us, and the amount of “nudging” the Lord had to do with them. While I find myself haughtily thinking “didn’t they SEE how He was working?!” I see myself, wanting to run my own way, my own direction, instead of leaning into Him, trusting He really knows the way.

I need a lot of nudging in the right direction these days. I get excited about what He’s called me to and just want to run, instead of listening to His voice, heeding His hand. Children are a great reminder of the character of God!

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