Two kids and almost three years later, I still am a huge believer and supporter of homemade baby food.  I have used “Homemade Baby Food: Pure and Simple” (Linardakis) with both kids and have saved hundreds of dollars and both my kids eat well for their ages. I remember the first time a friend said she made her baby food. I thought “MADE?” who has time for MADE? She finished that stage in life and offered to pass her food processor and book on to me. I took her up on the offer and it has become one of the best baby gifts I received.

Here are my top three favorites about this book:

Instructions: time saving and affordable methods help you to see and understand how easy and uncomplicated making your own baby food can be. Loads of tips: steaming, storing, portions, and nutrition information.

Stages: the book breaks down ages/stages of what foods and amounts are good for babies. It gives detailed information about food groups, types of food, catgeories about veggies and fruits, and more. As your baby grows, it provides graduated information and recipes for these stages.

Recipes: EASY, incredible recipes that are nutritious, easy, affordable, and “storable.” The recipes were one of the things that sold me on this book. I looked a lot of other homemade baby food books and not only was overwhelmed by them and the intensity of the “program” they offered, but by the intricacy of recipes for babies. Not so with this book. The recipes are fast, simple and adaptable to a real mom lifestyle.  Fun recipes (play dough, finger paint, etc.) and seasonal ones (cider, bunny sandwiches, summer ices) are included too.

The basics are: steam/bake fruit or veggies, puree, then freeze in ice cube trays/cleaned baby food containers.  Making your own baby food is not for everyone, but it has been great for my family.  I have saved so much money and my kids are good eaters, both much needed for this mommy!

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