Continuing my processing thoughts from reading other blogs: we feel as if God wants to take a red pen and cross out the bad or unsavory parts of our lives. But that theology is false…that is what we would do, but that is not what the crossbow about. The cross is about taking those feelings, siutations, and circumstances, and using them for His good.

Like parenting-people are always telling me “a strong willed child is a good thing.” and they are right…if the will is channeled into the right places. God uses all things for Bis glory, whether we feel they are redeemable or not.

I have a passion for justice and being a voice for those who have no voice. Women coming out of prostitution in Calcutta, India who need a voice. Advocates who will cheer for their successes (their own apartment), warriors who lift them up, and friends that will grieve with them in their losses. Freeset

Women who can make an income, even though they are being treated for AIDS. They need a voice, advocates who will support them in prayer and beyond.

All of these could be seen as red pen circumstances: where sin could not be redeemed. God can use a strong willed child, an ex-prostitute, and a person with a fatal disease. He did all of that in the Bible: Joseph, Rahab, and the leper, to name a few.

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