In Capetown, South Africa, resides a godly girl named Meg. She is a champion. Glossy straight hair brushes her stunning complexion, sprinkled with endearing freckles. While Meg is a photographer and designer by trade, has a special place in her heart for the impoverished women of the Capetown townships. Through the lens of her heart, she has worked with women to train them in skills that will help them have their own business, aiding them to provide for the basics: feed and shelter for their families.

Using her design background, Meg has patiently taught women sewing, stitching, but additionally, life skills -running a house, meal planning, etc. Her heart is woven into the fabric of each one of the ladies’ lives as they grow and learn.

One dear one has an infection that could be treated, but she does not have medical insurance. Another’s son was hit by a car, but she too has no medical insurance or money to aide him. The training that Meg provided is critical for these women, because it gives them a chance for sustainability. Champions are those that see the potential in others and make an investment for that potential to be realized.

There will be challenges unlike those I have ever witnesses or experienced. AIDS/HIV plagues South Africa in sheer numbers like few other African countries. Medical challenges, economical ones, cultural obligations, loss and grief. Throughout all these challenges come this bright lightnamed Meg, who is a champion for those who want to better their life. She brings the Light of Christ, the Hope of salvation, and the mercy that ministry requires. With each story, you see the snapshots of hope she is a part of.

I am honored to know her and call her friend. The Lord has blessed us on this earth with champions that look at the challenges and meet them head on. I pray my stewardship of the gifts He has given me is used up as sweet perfume that fragrances those around me as she has.

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