My husband recently returned from Haiti, assessing how our church can help and minister long term. The stories he has returned with are beyond words. Perspective. That is the word that keeps coming back to me. Almost haunting me. A week in a tent, freeze dried food, night guards, encouraging pastors, congregations, communities, children, and relaying the message of Hope that we carry as followers of Christ. That was some of his week.

What struck me was my lack of perspective. My kids are well fed, they even turn down food, we have so many options. I washed my mounds of clothes easily-not just the two garments i owned in a filthy river. Potable water is easily accesible- I can drink from any water source in my house safely. My home has a roof, not a tarp. My whole family is alive and safe-I’ve not buried anyone or searched for weeks for relatives. While the horrific stories and images from Haiti have (hopefully) moved each one of us, I am not certain that it bored perspective into my soul until someone I loved went there.

I somehow had lost sight of what was really important, who I am in Him, and where my hope comes from. I had forgotten those things while endlessly doing laundry, wiping noses, chasing children, doing dishes, complaining of the cold, grumbling over multiple interruptions of sleep from the tots, etc. A Haitian pastor said he was reminded of the story of the disciples in John when the storm arose and the disciples were terrified, waking Jesus up to save them. ‘They forgot something, the disciples. They forgot He was their Creator and that wherever He is, Hope is there also.’

I’ve been reminded of that over and over again in the last few days. He is my creator. His prescence is in me, so He IS here-in the midst of my abundance that seems so burdensome. I have hope because He is in the middle of my runny noses, chasing children, changing diapers, late nights, and mounds of laundry. He is in the middle of it all and He is my Creator.

Perspective: my abundance should be a chance to see His hope through me, for all those around me. I pray for His perspective and a life that reflects His hope through and in me.

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