There are times when I would like to let the Lord know how I think He should handle a situation. You know, recommendations from a peon…because the peons are telling the Creator how things should be.

Growing up, my family read the Chronicles of Narnia multiple times. What was comical as a child now I find convicting as an adult: the dufflepuds. They were always complaining about their situation, their creator/caretaker, etc. I find myself being a dufflepud and realizing that it not only does not honor the Lord, but really…does not further His Kingdom either.

The dufflepuds would always try to campaign for their own way, insist they knew best, and whine when they didn’t get what they wanted. Recommendations from peons. Because, in the scheme of things, the creator did take care of them, loved them, and had tremendous passion for them-as the Lord does for us.

So, I pray tomorrow, as I wake up and start the day, that I will be more of a servant of the King, and less a dufflepud. 🙂

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