Recently in a conversation w friends, I was discussing how I felt I did ok in persevering for the faith before we had kids, but now with children, humanity seems to just make me a failure at that! I feel I have less time w the Lord, more competition for my time, what I invest in, what I read (not personally anymore, but ab kids, parenting, etc), friendships, etc.
I feel like a failure because my flesh glares at me daily as I parent. ” There is no more humbling experience than parenting,”‘a friend commented.
How must the Lord feel that these children He’s created and has an amazing plan for, behave so unlike the character of Christ? Quite a convicting thought.
A rabbit trail-i traveled today to the atl gift mart, and was amazed at how many things i saw relating to family, community, friendships, etc. The need for love, acceptance, laughter and grace in all the products I saw was overwhelming. So many things had faith, hope, love, family, dream, believe, etc. on them. This overwhelming sense of needing to belong-written through decor, accessories, jewelry, ornaments, etc was simply amazing. End rabbit trail.
So, still have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do regarding the perseverance of my faith.

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