The Bible Study peeps are reading the Bible through in a year, which we have done before, but this time we’re using a Chronological version. Love it.

Thoughts from a non-theologian:
The amazing things recorded because of obedience to God are unbelievable, just as the result of disobedience is as devastating. I believe each of the OT greats genuinely believed that their disobedience would only affect them. What we know from having the whole picture and thousands of years of history, is that it essentially has affected all of us.

Not just Adam and Eve, while they are the first and most obvious, there is Abraham and Sarah who campaigned for themselves, and not waiting for God resulted in Ishmael and the division of nations. Today we still feel the affects of their disobedience: Israelies and Palestinians.

I have pondered during the reading of Genesis and Exodus, if one the causes of disobedience is really the effect of unmet expectations. What I mean is this: do we disobey because we have expectations we feel are not met, so we step in ourselves and do what we feel we’re entitled to, have prayed for, or have been given authority by God (but not permission yet) to do.

I think disobedience is often blamed solely on rebellion, but as I read the OT and look at my own life, I realize a lot of my acts of disobedience are just like those of Eve, Sarah, and more. I get tired of waiting on the Lord, so I try to get what I want on my own. Or He’s spoken, but my expectations of what He ‘really’ would want in my mind are different than what He’s called me to do. I sometimes choose disobedience instead of following Him because where I find myself is not what I expected.

You? Expectations or rebellion, or something else?

Stay tuned for part two.

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