Listening to the Lord can be hard sometimes. There are days when I know He’s telling me to do something, impressing my heart in one direction or another. While out runningw some errands today (by myself) I had time (or more accurately more willingness) to listen. No music, no VeggieTales, no sweet questions from the backseat. Just time to think and pray. The fascinating thing to me about the Lord, is that most of what He calls us to really doesn’t have anything to do with us-but with others. We follow Him because we do not know what He is doing in someone else’s life, what they are going through, and how He is using you as part of the gardening process in others.

Many of the significant moments with the Lord in my short lifetime have been due to a word from the Lord spoken by someone else. In my little garden of growing, the Lord through another believer has convicted me of areas I need to stretch in, or something He has already asked me to do, or passages of scripture I need to go back and re-read.
I am good at focusing on one thing and ignoring other critical things-like watering one part of my garden, but forgettig there are other parts that need nourishment too.
I love the parables about the seed and the sowers because I can identify with them. I want my life to fall on rich ground, where it can grow and flourish for Him. But sometimes I focus on the tough ground and the choking weeds, instead of listening and following His lead.

What great blessings have others missed because I didn’t obey? What words did they need to hear, but didn’t because I was not listening? Listening to the Lord is hard, because it usually requires action on my part. Listening to the Lord means followng through with what He calls me to. Rewarding beyond measure, but tough to stick with.

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