I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership the last few weeks. Good examples I’ve had personally, examples I have read about, either historically or Biblically. Everyone so far has has two things in common: passion and vision.

Jesus had a passion for His people and the Gentiles, as well as a vision for their permanence with Him in heaven. He saw those around him for what they were: potential children of the King.

The interesting thing about visionaries is that they have a capacity to see others beyond their current state to the potential they could have, especially toward the leader’s given passion.

Visionaries bear the burden of a calling the Lord gives them, or the blessing of this calling-depending on how you look at it. I remember watching Amazing Grace a few years ago, just being convicted of how he knew what the Lord had called him to, yet it was not convenient, popular, and in fact, was quite costly. He had a passion for the common man to live freely.

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