I dropped my kids off this morning and got in my car to head to work. As I started the car, I looked up to see a father waving wildy from the window outside, to his toddler son who was inside. He started dancing and laughing, all in saying goodbye to his son. It was bitterly cold today and the father was not wearing a jacket, but still waved goodbye excitedly and stood outside the window doing all sorts of antics.

I smiled as I looked back and pulled out of the parking space, thinking: the Lord must feel that way about us. He watches us, waves wildly cheering us on, smiles and laughs, hoping we’ll understand just a little of His kind of love. This father was crazy about his son. Our Father is crazy about us-even more so.

Our heavenly Father is crazy about you-he formed you (jer 28), he sings over you (zeph 3:17), he died for you (john 3:16). He flaps about outside the window of our life, cheering us on, letting us know He us our biggest fan.

It warms my heart, this image of Him excitedly looking into the window for ME, waving at ME, wanting me to know how much He loves me. What a price He paid on the cross with that love. Thank you Lord.

Special thanks and respect to my father, who is one of my biggest fans (mom is the other), thanks to you both for you godly example and great spiritual heritage. Love you.

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